Sunday, September 28, 2008


You guys! I haven't blogged here in about... 5 DAYS. Holy shift. Well whatever, I barely remember what I was going to blog about. Well, I've had a sub for econ class for a week since our regular teacher's having a baby! Congrats on your baby boy! Anyways, uhhhh, I've been stressing over SATs. :/ It sucks, I should have studied sooner, but I just wanted to go to city college. Ugh this sucks, I hope I get at least a 1300. But I doubt it. :/ So sad, and I need to take my subject tests and I don't even know which ones I should take... english? bio? IDK! And then after the SATs, I need to study for the ACTs. Jeez. Oh well, if I put my mind to it, I can do it right. It sucks being a lazy person, because I know I can do half the things I can't do now if I really would put my mind to it. Andy gave me The Sims like on Tuesday or something, and I've been playing since. It's crazy. Haha, today was baptism. I saw my friends get baptized! Whoo hoo. Congrats you guys. I remember when I got baptized last year. September 30, 2007. Yep. And my aunt is no longer pregnant..... enough about that. Anyways, I've been bored lately. I think I'm gonna bring the laptop to the other house on like Friday nights and Saturday nights. Anyways, well boy today was COLD. I'm freezing my ass off right now and I'm wearing like 3 layers, I went to church with only 2 layers and I wasn't even freezing. I need to start reading my Bible and praying again, I've been slacking off. Noooo. :/ I've had weird dreams lately. So crazy. Oh plus I went to a book fair with my sister yesterday at Fort Mason. Totally cool, there was a TON OF BOOKS for cheap. Like $1-$5. I got a Stephen King book. It, yeah I love that movie I never read the book so I guess I should read the book. ^_____^. MySpace music is like retarded now omg... You need Adobe flash to listen to the music and etc. It's so annoying. I think I failed my chem test as well. Omg so many random topics. Haha. I've been annoyed a lot lately everyone's getting on my nerves and etc. It sucks. Okay I guess I'll end it here.

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