Monday, September 01, 2008


Hi everyone.

Well I just got a Facebook last night. Well... not exactly. I made one how many months ago. But I finally started to get the hang of using it last night. :) I was extremely bored, that's why I found out how to use it.

I went to the other house at arond 1AM. Again, omg I had like nothing to do. So extremely boring. I talked to Jennifer, but she kept getting d/ced. :/

Haha, but whatever. So yeah, I went home and I took a bunch of pictures of my belly ring. :) I don't have my camera with me so I can't upload them and show you. :) But anyways, I went to sleep after.

I thought someone didn't call me cus he felt rejected. Haha, I went to sleep left my phone on silent and charging. I guess he didn't feel so rejected cus he called. But I didn't notice till this morning. Everyone kept waking me up damnit. How annoying.

So I guess my mom woke me up at around 930AM. I got to the GMA's, and Rem called me to 'wake' me up. Haha, sucks for you. Anyways, well I'm bored and I have nothing to do. Dad's bringing home pizza later on. I was supposed to hang out w/ Derrick today, or maybe I still am. I still haven't done my homework. Online quiz for Chem, Read Ch. 2 for Chem, Read Ch. 1 of Invitation to Health. Guhhhh. At least I finished econ homework. :)

So yeahs. I'm bored. I guess I'll do homework right now. Okay, now I guess that game plan is Derrick & me are getting cocoa and hitting up a library so I can do my homework. Its kinda warm outside. :) Whooohoo. Okay I guess I'll finish this up later.

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