Tuesday, September 02, 2008


My back hurts. Grrr, I finished my short homework assignment today. I just ate some guilinggo too. YUM YUM + long ahn. Well anyways, I tried to fix the Windows Speech Recognition on my laptop, but I guess it's just not working. I managed to put in a sidebar tho. Fun fun! :) I needs to wash my hair today! Okay well since I need to finish my blog. Victor didn't hang around me during lunch today, so I didn't get to vent about stuff, bastard drove to freaking Japantown, at least I got a rice ball. TY Victor! :) Ewuh, I saw freaking loaferboy/psychopath today. It was horrible. "I'm not into her anymore." ROFL.... :) Yesss. "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" ROFL. <3 Anyways, so yeah today was basically boring. I'm tired from the phone call last night, I couldn't fall asleep after either. Ughhh. But yeah, I guess I'll end it here, my brain's no functioning well enough for me to type what happened to me today.

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