Sunday, August 31, 2008

No school on Labor Day!

Okay well I had a boring day yesterday. I probably mentioned in my last post but whatever. So I got to the other house at like 1AM ish.

Oh deaaar. Haha. Anyways, well I finally took a picture of my gray boots. <3! Plus I have a ton of other pictures that I haven't put up.

No school on Monday! Labor day! Whoohoo. So I guess I had plans to hang out w/ Jasper. But he's flaking me for homework. That's okay. Idk if I wanna go out tonight.

Rem invited me to go eat dinner with him & his cousin. How sweet. :) I only have 12 bucks. Damn.

My sister gave me a bunch of songs last night. Yay. Haha. I went to church this morning. Some people are such jerks. But whatever. So, I hope everyone read the story I recommended. >> What I did for love. :) But anyways, Idk I'm bored. City college is boring as well. I'm hungry right now.

I called Derrick around 12PM to bitch. :D That's what I do best. But yeah, I swear this stupid girl in my english class, always staring cus she knows I'm cute. How sad for her ugly ass.

Uncle's coming back with his gf like this coming Friday. Ughhhhh. Idk what to blog about right now so I'm saying random things.

Omgoodness, did you guys know that Secret came out with these trial deodorant puff things! Haha, I think its awesome. They smell good too. I guess depending on which ones you get. Idk where my sister got all these freebies but I want some. I need some magazines as well.

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