Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Past few weeks.

Whoa whoa whoa. I haven't blogged here in a while. Well I'm just gonna have to get back on it. Anyways.... well I'll just talk about my last few weeks/days. First, I had a CCSF orientation on Wednesday the 13th, it was SOO extremely boring, I wanted to fall asleep. I got to listen to an instructor TALK for 8 hours, wonderful right? NOT! But at least we got free lunch. Haha, I got my CCSF ID as well, omg so UGLY! Haha, I wanna burn it and get another one. But whatever. NEXT! Uhh, well I went to Sunnyvale last Friday. I got to see my uncle, aunt, aunt's mother, and my baby cousin. She's grown a lot since the last 2-3 weeks I've seen her. She can finally walk! With the help of her little pushy cart thing-a-ma-bobber. Haha, I got to see her room as well.. oh dear, she has a memory foam bed--QUEEN SIZED. I have a dainty little twin size... her under mattress is a full. Gosh, spoiled little child. I love her tho no lie. I got to play WIIFIT that day too! Omg I was breaking sweats playing the super hula hoop game. High score 400 something baby! And before I knew it, it was lunch time! In-N-Out burger. MMM MMM good, and then I burned off the calories playing Wii sports Tennis. Haha. But yeah, then grandma and me took the caltrain back to SF. Rem & me went to watch Pineapple Express. Wow, it was great. Everyone needs to watch that. I was dying. So yeah, the movie ended and we went to Quickly's, there was a tv screen with a HOT KOREAN SINGER/DANCE WITH A MOHAWK. Omg HAWWTT! <3>need no... I MUST find out who that was. Looked somewhat like G Dragon, but it wasn't. Haha. But yeah, we went to Bible Study after, had some dinner talked about college for the c/o '08. So yeah, left church at around 10:30-11PM. Yesterday was MONDAY. I spent the whole day doing nothing. But I did get to take a walk around 7:30PM. Very refreshing and comforting. But whatever. Today was the first day of CCSF. I feel like dropping the class, but I doubt I'm allowed to. Gosh, so I guess I have to stay in the class for a while. Its only one semester so whatever. Stick with it until around December. I think I can do it. :)

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