Monday, February 22, 2010

Dinner at Kome and more

Happy birthday Helen!

Went to Kome on Saturday for Helen's birthday.

So what ended up happening was... I figured I had to do some beginning photography homework that I've procrastinated for the last 4 weeks. I asked honeybee if he would help but we ended up getting into an argument and I went home to finish up my homework. Needless to say, I FUCKING HAULED ASS! Finished most of it and then had honeybee pick me up. Then went to pick up Amy and Mina. THEN, went to go get Will because Honeybee and him went to a "LAN party".

Waited for an hour for a boy to get out of the house... when a girl is rushing a guy out of the house I think there must be a problem.

Finally got to the restaurant and already lots of people. BAO SIGH PANG! Got our number, 55 and asked the lady how long it would be. "Honestly... 70 minutes."

WHA?!?!?!?! 70 damn minutes. Ugh, so we decided to go to Starbucks for a little bit and chit chat while we waited for people to arrive.

Amy and I got a caramel macchiato and we all talked over coffee. Mina was too busy in putting on eyeliner and wiping it off and putting on eyeliner which went on for about an hour. :P

Helen and everyone else finally arrived and met us up at Starbucks.

All of us walked back to Kome at this time it was already about 6:30PM-ish... Saw this one girl with her two friends that I knew of. Apparently they snuck in because they're damn cheap. All three waltzed into the buffet table and grabbed a plate and ate around the buffet tables. So we actually waited until 7:30PM for a seat of 12. The food was barely worth the wait... So many people in a small cramped space. The whole restaurant screamed "OVERRATED! OVERRATED!" They charged for drinks, which should have been included in the whole meal. I paid twenty six goddamn dollars and all I got was water. Mina and Jonathan paid $28 because they got Cola. Your food isn't even that good... AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF they added a 15% gratuity to our check when the whole buffet was self serve. The only thing we asked for was napkins and drinks... Drinks which should have been included in our $20+ meal, napkins are a given and if you count taking our plates off the table, that's part of your job description. Hometown buffet isn't even this expensive...

After a few more hours of a long ass dinner, we took some pictures and left for Classic bowl. Wasted about half an hour at Classic bowl to end up NOT bowling because of damn cheap people. WTF yo? This is Helen's birthday.

Then we ended up at Family's pool. Supposedly there was hook ups and we could play for free. We ended up waiting until 12AM because I really didn't want to stay. Whatevs, but other than that it was nice. :)

Nom noms.

NOSE GOES! hahaha.

Went to work last night and bought some cake from Schubert's for Stephanie because she is a wonderful, generous coworker.


Awesome tablescape and I made that rose. :)

Came home to rant to Jennifer because I needed to talk to her. There are just too many stupid people in the world.

Talked about everything. People mostly and how ridiculously they think. It's okay they're petty little obstacles that we have to overcome.

New follower too! Thanks Tammy! :)

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