Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hey everyone! It's 11:16PM right now. -_- I just finished doing my nails. This is the first time I put on acrylic nails. NOT PRESS ONS. My bathroom stinks of acrylic liquid. And I figured out why the powder dries clear. Because its clear. Too bad that I didn't buy the one that dries white. Then I could decorate! Oh the horror, I can barely type with these on and I don't want to look like a bus driver. Those bitches seriously have "wolverine claws" as Lawrence puts them.

While we're on the subject matter of wolverines, I saw The Wolfman last night. Safe to say that it SUCKED! I was pretty excited because it seemed like I had to brace myself the entire movie. But it was bad. It just seemed too cliche. Will not spoil it for those who will watch. Go see it for yourself! We're in a recession and its good to stimulate the economy. SO GO STIMULATE IT!

I kind of dozed off midway into the movie. Maybe because it was boring or maybe because these fucking 3 bitches kept talking in the theater. Seriously.. if you want to talk go fucking outside to talk. PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO ENJOY A FUCKING MOVIE WE PAID FOR. 2 guys sandwiched a girl. The guy to the right was texting the whole damn time, and the guy on the left and the girl in the middle were just fucking talking THE WHOLE TIME!


So angry... Some lowlifes have no consideration whatsoever. Lucky I didn't have these acrylic nails on yesterday I would have used your face as a scratching post bitch! Like ewuh! Mugged the crap out of her on my way out of the theater btw.

So yeah, guess I'll end it there because I can barely even type with these nails on. :[

Snake bites. Really look like some freaking bus driver nails. :[

Wayyy too lazy to do the rest of my nails. And this is only my left hand! lol, how will I sleep tonight...

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