Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Tomorrow will be my 19th birthday! YAY! Two more years until I can legally consume alcohol! Whoot whoot. I'm excited. Plan on getting my nails done. I don't know... hrmm, it is currently raining season and I don't don't think I'll be wearing sandals for a long time. So maybe not. Today's weather was utterly and completely MORONIC! When I left the house for school it was foggy and by the time I got to school around 10:30AM it was sprinkling. By the time it was 11AM it was full on rain. No joke. By the time I got to honeybee's car it stopped raining altogether. JEEEZ! Well other than that, I will be getting another tattoo and my cartilage re-pierced. Industrial or regular cartilage. We shall see. Then probably going to go to my 1v1 dinner with my beloved Jennifer♥. Augh, I am so excited the anticipation is killing me!

Other than birthday nonsense, I bought some 100% acetone yesterday, which still reminds me that I need to touch up my nails. Erm, yeah. I don't think it works that well. It dries up really fast.

I think I should really start working out, bleh. After the drab weather is over I will. Just in time for summer to be swimsuit ready! YAY!

Went out on Saturday night with my Ohana to eat some ELEPHANT BAR! We waited about... an hour and a half for some seats but that's alright. The bill was about $70+ for a party of six, didn't even force gratuity!!! FUCK YOU KOME NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN! But yeah. Nice staff, even though we did wait for a long time. Food was decent. Daddy was probably extremely mad about waiting for so long.

So yeah, that's about it. Will be washing my hair tonight and curling it tomorrow morning! Yay, going to look cute. Pray to God the weather will not ruin it and won't be too cold to wear what I want! Yay! ♥

Got some pictures of food from other days too! Enjoy! ♥

Za jang mein that Mina and honeybee are dying to eat! :)

Toishan bo jai fan! YUMS.

Sister's green tea, ginger, lime spritzer! DROOL

Sister's shrimp scampi, she doesn't even like shrimp!

Delish philly cheese steak.

DESSERT! Creamy creme brulee!


Matt said...

mmmmmm said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! mabel you're a big girl now, make sure to have some mature ambitions and attempt them~ that philli cheese steak made my mouth salivate immediately, damn girl. You eat as much as I do =D


mabel. This month I lost my friend of 10 years, a friend I've walked home with since I was a little boy. I'm thankful a lot of you readers asked me about it, was nice to go around looking for sympathy actually.. feels good (if not selfish). Basically we had a thing, then she disappeared from my life for a few years, felt too guilty and had to be friends with me to forgive herself but didnt tell me why she left, found out on my birthday that i was a rebound (but by that time i liked her again), we still had a BLAST as friends though. Laughs non stop etc. She knew I still liked her, forced me to confess and rejected me. Basically stopped talking after that for years... but she told my friends she felt really guilty for what she did.

I found out she lives somewhere else right now, messaged her to seek closure and make up. She no longer wants to be friends, she told me she moved on and I need to accept that she's not part of my life anymore, etc.

I know you're thinking "why the fuck would you be friends with her" and normally I agree. But 1.she is genuinely a nice girl, just made a lot of mistakes when she was young. If I say she's nice, you know she is. 2.she was my best friend, nobody made me laugh like she did.

Feels so bitter to have lost 10 years worth of memories. So I've been really upset and didn't tweet or anything. :(

Things will get better, they always do.