Saturday, July 17, 2010

My new go to shoes!

Is it me or have I been apologizing a lot lately for neglecting this blog?

I think I have. :/

You guys see anything different?! Yes those little things on top of my boxes. Ugly, I know. :/ If only I had a personal html/photoshop/blogger professional to do it all for me, it wouldn't look so drab and ugly. :/

I need a new header, and a new layout in general, I'm sick of this ugly crap! D:< style="text-align: center;">
My new go to shoes! WHEEE. They're immensely cute and fabulous. Very long straps to tie around my ankle.

Something about the heel that attracted me too.

I will be piercing my tragus soon too! Whaa, so cute, leh. I wanted my tongue pierced kind of but honeybee won't let me. That's all I ever wanted pierced, stupid people make cute piercings look trashy. :/

1 comment: said...

it has chocolates in the box too awwww

-i have to watch inception. everybody says it's good and despicable me too.