Friday, June 27, 2008

Math camp 2008!

Hi all! Well I just got back from church. Mathcamp, oh dear. My students are a handful, seriously. More than a handful actually. My secretary hasn't AIMed me to tell me he read the news today and no reports of dead 4th graders. LOL. My students are cute, but they just don't listen, which is horrible if you're someone who doesn't like to repeat yourself 300 times a day. I'm about to leave for Fiesta Night at church. Yay, me and sis get to eat Mexican food. Wonderful. I hope I won't come home with a large stomachache. Haha. I'm trying so hard to fix my Xanga up. Yay 2 blogs that I can play up with. Finally done. Well yea. Not much to say in my blog. Leaving in like 1-2 hours. I'm listening to music while I wait for them to pick me up. Hmm, well I'm just gonna say random stuff here. I wonder how I can edit this. Jeez I hate paint, I wish I had my photoshop back. :( That sucks. I killed Idk how many harddrives in my lifetime. 3-4? I blame Limewire. Too many viruses to dl what I want. So yea I killed my Compaq, I killed the screen for it too. I didn't know my Compaq had a virus in it so it kept turning off by itself, so I'm like "wth." So I socked the screen and all the ink or whatever just messed up all of it. Haha. How stupid. Well jeez, I just felt like putting a topic out there.. MUSIC MYSPACES. I absolutely hate it when people have music myspaces and they make songs of their own... wait I'm not finished. Don't get me wrong, I like underground music you know.. But c'mon now. I hate it especially when guys have music myspaces and they TOTALLY SOUND LIKE GIRLS. Dude.... get off the mic please. I'm not trying to hear all the crappy girly voice trying to talk all sexy and whatnot. Not very appealing. Idk about other people that comment and say, "I love your music!" Uhmmmm, sure. And the girls that have music myspace to put their music out there. If you can't sing, don't put your own cover song on it please. I also hate how if they write their own songs, it's totally irrelevant to the song title or whatnot. I don't wanna hear all that. Yeah yeah, some people are like, just get off their music myspace then. Well you know what, I'm those types of people that happen to like underground music that sounds good and slap it. I like to listen to it multiple times until it gets old. Yes yes? I know there's tons of people like that as well. Well enough of that. Haha I'm pretty tired. Woke up at around.... 7:30AM. It was EXTREMELY foggy outside, I don't like foggy weather like that. I fell back asleep for another 30 minutes and had to wake up to get ready for Math Camp with my rowdy students. Blaaaaah, I miss someone, but we're in some what of an altercation, but I wouldn't really call it an altercation. Weird right....? Haha so much for thinking he cares, almost our 1st month in 4 days... wonderful. I like this song a lot. J.R. - Nobody But You. Haha I think it's somewhat funny. But yeah, what else is there to talk about? Nothing I guess, I shall update it after Fiesta Night or tomorrow. I will be back! Enjoy reading!

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