Friday, June 27, 2008

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Hello all. I just came back from my church's Fiesta night. I was fun! Haha. A break from all this crazy stuff like teaching little kidds math and whatnot. Well anyways. So yeah, Vicky picked me up in her car after she picked sis up, then we picked up Helena. Off to church! We got there and said our pre-dining prayers and lined up for food. The food was delicious, not authentic, but that's okay. I just kept talking to Sis during dinner. Random stuff and bugging all the boys with nurples. Haha, I like that word.. "NURPLE" Well anyways, today was the second time I drank a HORCHATA, I chose the lemonade first though. I had the biggest burrito ever, I couldn't really eat it, which sucked because all the stuff fell out of the tortilla skin and totally spilled my whole taco on the table. ;( what a waste of sour cream and taco meat. O____O TACO MEAT! LOL. Sorry, haha. After dinner we went to the middle room to play our little fellowship game. Nathan got out 5 coins, $10, $5, $2, $1, $.50 Pesos... he put them on a bucket and we played swordrill with the Bible to get as many points as possible. I played as a Junior, cus I didn't wanna leave Sis alone... LOL. Sis kept asking stupid questions -- the WOULD YOU RATHER game. Yayy right. So wow we actually won the game. Very nice. I believe it was because I was there and I actually played this time. Haha. Anyways I liked this game. One of the Exseniors tried to play me by telling me to take the $.50 coin. Jerk... hah! I totally had to beat the crap outta everyone to get the $10 coin. Well, Mel added up the score and the Juniors won, yay right. Hah. So we went to get our dessert -- chocolate or carrot cake. There was a TON of cream on the cake.. Cream = Diabetes Type A. Haha Time to leave. So me and Sis got into Vicky's car and left church to go home. Sis kept talking about how good the HORCHATA was but she couldn't even pronounce it. HAHA "Hor.. Hor.. Hor.." "HORCHATA?!?!" I'm way coool. But that's about it. I'm prolly not gonna do much tomorrow but blog on this. I'll find a topic to talk about. :) Okay I'm gonna get off blogger now. PEACE!

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