Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Light up the world!

Happy Fourth of July bitchezzz! ♥ Hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July. Sorry to my darling English readers, haha. MIA no longer! Man, I haven't been on this for a really long time! School, work and friends have been keeping me busy this summer. Can you believe I have whack ass summer school? What a joke... There just aren't enough hours in a day and I've hardly had some time to myself to think. Okay, time for long lost updates. Be prepared for lots of pictures!

Uh... where did I last leave off with my life?... Oh right.

June 10th, 2011
Spent time with my teammate and ate Burmese food at Mandalay. You really feel the essence of this place with its decor. The servers are dressed in their Burmese attire and are very sweet. Teammate ordered the Chicken Samusa which was good. The shape reminded me of a crab meat rangoon from my folks' place back in the day. I ordered the Nan Gyi Dok and teammate ordered the mango chicken, and the server helped us mix all the ingredients together. There's something about warm mango that I don't like, lol. After dinner we watched The Orphan. "HOROMONE DISEASES ARE NO JOKE MAN! NO JOKE!" Gawd, that movie was creepy.

June 11th, 2011
Dyed my hair back to black... AGAIN. Down ass bitch Amylatte helped me, wdup~. Washed the hair dye out and we went to eat sushi. As I've mentioned time and time again, sushi just isn't my cup of tea. I detest the slimy texture and the very seafood taste of sushi. Sushi's an acquired taste but I was willing to try. Stopped by Little Tokyo and got a bento box. Jonathan shared his plate of "delicious" sushi with me. It's actually not that bad I guess? Of course I have to eat it with lite soy sauce and wasabi. Little Tokyo wasn't that great actually. Service was pretty poor and we got seated next to an excessively out spoken young man with holes in his shirt. He kept rambling on about Facebook and how much he hates it though he has one himself... COOL STORY BRO! TELL IT AGAIN!!! Whatevs, I decided to try their beef teriyaki. It tasted like steak... yummy. If I were to come back, I'd get the beef teriyaki again.

June 16th, 2011
While school was gradually taking over my life... I decided I needed to get my nails done and that's exactly what I did. I brought my laptop to the nail salon too, so I could type away at this crappy essay. See how diligent I am?!?!11 Not to forget I had to get dinner with a friend of mine (more or less like a brother to me) that I hadn't seen in two years. So we headed over to Gordon Biersch for some dinner. Reservations for 7:15pm but got there close to 8pm, but we got seated fairly quickly. We ordered the garlic fries, mmm. I ordered the tuscan chicken pasta entree while my friend ordered the brewer's chicken. Not a good place to talk to someone, especially while a mass of Giants fans are around watching the game. We caught up for the most part anyways. Stayed for about two hours before we left (yeah, we had a lot to talk about). Crazy to see someone after two years and see how much they've changed or grown.

June 17th, 2011
Got Joe's Crab Shack again with teammate this time. The service again is really upbeat and funny but it's too bad that the crab didn't taste as good as the first time I was here. Our waiter wrote on our bibs! Sneaky... My said, "I came to San Francisco and got crabs." Teammate's say, "My waiter gave me crabs! :(" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The crab shell was really hard to peel and became stringy, yuck. I ordered the Joe's classic steampot while teammate ordered the KJ steampot. The seared scallops from the KJ steampot were really good. After dinner we walked into a store that sold saltwater taffy! I never see these places around... We got a bag of taffy and headed to Crepe Temptations. I ordered the red velvet cake crepe.. o__O why so sweet, almost went into diabetic shock. Teammate ordered the Oreo madness crepe with vanilla ice cream. OMG, MY EFFING FAVORITE. They give you a whole Oreo, and crush some and sprinkle it on top. UGH, SO DERICIOUZ.

June 20th, 2011
The week started to get crazy hot! -___-' After class I hung out with my best friend and we went to eat ramen at Majikku. Place isn't bad, I ordered the garlic kimchee ramen. MM, YUSOGUDFOR. I had been craving vanilla Coke for a while so we headed over to Walgreens to get some. Trying to kill time so best said he was going to get something installed in his car, which meant I get to drive! P.S. AYO BEST, you're hella annoying when your swerve in and out of the lane. After getting his car back, we went to get Nubi! They have these new popping boba, it's basically like those big fish eggs that pop when you chew it, but these are yogurt filled. After a long day, I was craving some chicken wings, so we stopped by Wingstop. Forget the Mild or Original wings, just go for the crazy ones like garlic parmesan and etc.

June 23rd, 2011
Happy birthday Teammate! Whoot. Surprised him at his work place to drop off his present. Then I went to class with him, lol. After class, we went to go eat for his birthday (that dinner still isn't considered a birthday dinner to me). Ate at The Richmond, place was pretty darn good. We got started with the whiskey braised oxtail with a Maine diver scallop. Before we got our real appetizer we were given complementary deviled eggs and bread with an assortment of butters. Calamata olive, butter with coarse sea salt and chive. My favorite was the calamata. I ordered the double down pan fried chicken with stuffing entree (don't remember what its called o_o). And teammate ordered the seared salmon with veggies (don't remember what this was called either). (They should update their online menu??) For dessert we had the apple turnover. (Why do I always order this? lol) My chicken entree was really good and filling. I enjoyed the crisp of the chicken and the breaded stuffing in between. Teammate's salmon was good too, it was all in one piece when you dug your fork into it and didn't split into little pieces that just stuck to your plate. The apple turnover was really good. I tend to order desserts that come with ice cream. The apple turnover was flaky and warm.

June 24th, 2011
Hung out with teammate because it was his birthday weekend. I made reservations for a nice place to spend his actual birthday dinner but had to cancel because we couldn't make it in time. We went to Target first. Then we headed over to have shabu shabu. Shabu Lounge was pretty good. I liked the beef and it was a bajillion times better than what I had at Shabu Pub. I think the dinner set is already filling enough, but they offer the all you can eat as well. After dinner we went to get Crepe Temptations... AGAIN! Haha, this time we only got one Oreo Madness to share. NOM NOM NOM. Why're you guys so good.

June 25th, 2011
Spent another relaxing day with teammate. Haha, what a good birthday weekend. We had a late lunch at Noriega Teriyaki. Feeling crazy so I went ahead and ordered two plates of sushi. Teammate ordered 2 plates too, so we had 4 plates in total. I didn't even get to finish any of my rolls, haha. Sushi is so filling, eh? Gay pride parade was this day so we got take out from Luna Park again, haha. I ordered the "tasty burger"... it wasn't tasty. It was dry and burnt. :'( You disappoint me Luna Park, teammate ordered the roasted chicken entree again, and we got the chocolate bread pudding dessert.. again. Why is that dessert so damn delicious?! It's so nice to have a relaxing day with him.

July 1st, 2011
Finally tried PPQ for the first time. I really don't understand why it's so good. I hear how good the garlic noodles are, but they're so crappy??? I ordered the garlic noodles and sizzling pork while teammate ordered the five spices chicken. All were mediocre and boring. The garlic noodles tasted dry and not like garlic at all. Sizzling pork was ALRIGHT, and the chicken was ALRIGHT. Nothing too fancy or anything you can't get somewhere else. Not worth it to eat here. Should have listened to my sister. T___T' After dinner we watched Transformers 3 in 3D. Hot damn Rosie Huntington! I wish I had your bewbz and your legz and your buttox. :( Why you gotta be so lang lui, gurlll! Totally jizzed in my pants because of all the beautiful cars. O_O omg.

July 2nd, 2011
Got to go shopping with best friend even though he hates it. Before we went shopping we stopped by for some sushi. WHY DO YOU GUYS KEEP MAKING ME EAT SUSHI?!?!?!?!?!1111 I ordered the croquette.... ugh big mistake. It was like a Chinese hash brown. But they gave us complementary shrimp skewers that were really good. Best ordered the Bay Bridge roll and the hamachi roll. Bay Bridge and hamachi roll was really good. Like amazing? I don't normally say this about sushi. Gonna go back and try some more. Best dropped me off at home after shopping and I went to dinner with my family at La Vie. This place is really good actually, I didn't expect it at all. We had chicken pho, beef pho, flaming beef, garlic noodles and some other things that I wasn't paying any attention to. I don't like to put effort into eating my food like... cracking away at crab legs for dayz before I can get any crab meat out of it, or eating chicken wings and cleaning off the bones, or having to dip the rice paper into hot water and putting ingredients in it. I'm so lazy. :( I know. All the food was pretty amazing and definitely better than what I had at PPQ.

July 4th, 2011
Happy Fourth of July! Teammate and I went to have "brunch" ended up to be a day of failz. HAHA. I wanted to go to Outerlands but they're closed on Mondays, so we headed to Red Door Cafe and there was a huge line! Forget waiting so we went to Ella's instead. I think I got the potato scramble? (I never remember what the names of the things I order. :() Teammate ordered the chicken hash. The dish I ordered had cheese but plenty of veggies, but I still feel like I gained 10 lbs. Teammate's chicken hash was kind of dry, meh, I don't like dry chicken. I don't mind coming back. After brunch we headed over to Teammate's friend's bbq for a bit, but before that we had to go pick up some ice. Headed to Safeway and they had no ice, then to the liquor store, then to Lucky's. Third time's the charm right? After the bbq we chilled for a little bit skipped dinner to see the fireworks which was a big fail too and then headed to dinner. MM, time for ramen and chocolate fondue!

Anyways, trying to be vegetarian isn't really working because I keep cheating, however, I'm eating way more veggies than I used to and I'm drinking more water. I even picked up jogging a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't gone since. I can't reiterate enough that there's not enough hours in a day to do things. School, work, friends, homework, sleep, where's the time?! I can't wait for summer school to be officially over in about two weeks. Once summer school is over, then comes the fun. Gotta powerhouse through these next two weeks. Toodles darlings! ♥

Cute plates for Burmese food! Ugly pic. :(

Samusas, came with really good dressing.

Mango Chickenz


Before dying my hair. :) I'ma bad bitch, I'ma-I'ma bad bitch.

Garlic fries from Gordon Biersch

My pasta

Rem's food. lawl.

Joe's Crab Shack!

Teammate's KJ steampot. Scallop so delicious. O_O

Oh herro. :) My triflin' ass bib.

Red velvet cake crepe.

My favorite... Oreo Madness

Salt water taffy.

Garlic kimchee ramen

Good day for froyo. :) Those balls are the "popping boba".

Vanilla coke!

Wingstop for dinner

Another day of hot weather. :)

Teammate and I's complementary deviled eggs.

Seared scallop appetizer.

Teammate's salmon entree

My double down chicken with stuffing. I finally get a chicken entree! ^__^

Apple turnover. :)

Crappy garlic noodles.

Sizzling pork

Five spices chicken.

Hamachi roll

Bay Bridge roll, my favorite.

Flaming bizzeef.

Better garlic noodles than PPQ.

My brunch

Teammate's chicken hash. Uhh, he has a weird fixation for chicken. ^__^

You and me turn it up ten thousand watts.

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The first time I ate samosa was at a mall food court. I remember how much I loved it to the point that day still remains in my mind.

I can't tell what hat you're wearing? I thought it was giants but then I don't think it is. When I visit the U.S. I usually wear my blue jays hat to let ppl know I'm from toronto (which is fine), but sports people are kind of mean and usually tell me blue jays suck or something as they walk by :S And yes I wear my hat flat LOLOL.

The apple turnover + ice cream is mine. Share with me.

Mabel pretty~