Friday, August 28, 2009


Booooohoooo. Every single day is the same old same old! I'm sick of it! School, work, nothing to do, nowhere to go. Will someone please spice up my life?! I need my Degrassi: The Next Generation and my Fushigi Yugi! I haven't even finished my Fushigi Yugi.. ITS SO GOOD! After I'm finished with Fushigi Yugi, I'm going to continue to season 8 of Degrassi. I need to find something interesting! And not to mention.. FREE!

I'm trying to save up my money, for school, etc. What a bore, huh? Yuck, maybe going to San Diego wasn't a very good idea. Nevertheless, I already went. And spent so much money to say the least!

But whatever, I'm so bored. And I need a nice, beautiful layout! Ugh, so much to think about...

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