Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am so damn pissed.


I converted banks a few months ago. I am now under New Bank*. (Let's just call it New Bank, I'm not trying to embarrass the bank.) I'm not trying to bad mouth this particular bank as a whole. But one damn stupid fuck bank teller.

I had a sum of money (a rather large amount accumulated over the years) to deposit under New Bank*, now that it was my main bank. I deposited the sum of money into what I thought was my account. I gave them my SSN instead of my savings book, since I didn't have it with me.

Apparently, I guess he didn't hear a damn number and put it under someone else's bank account. Of course I didn't learn of this until 2-3 months after I deposited my money.

I used my credit card a few times to build up my credit score. My uncle didn't let me get any checking because it wasn't free. -___-'

So I had online bill pay. I went online to pay my credit card bill. Lo and behold, I only had US$100 in the savings and checking accounts. The $100 was from opening an account, just to have money in it.

Prior to knowing I only had $200, I went on a splurging spree and bought some shoes. I then got overdrafted-$10 and then I now have $50 something in the accounts.

My uncle noticed that my rather large sum of money wasn't in my accounts. So we called the bank and raised hell.

It was rather ridiculous having to wait for such a long time for the money to be returned to my bank account. We gave the last four digits of the account that the money actually went to, the transaction number, the date, etc. It should have been returned to me at ONCE.

I know that some people have bad intentions try to gip money out of the banks, however, I stood there without knowledge of having my money in someone else's account.

It was horrendous to know that someone ELSE had my money in there account, like money had fallen into their account from the sky. The person didn't even come up and say, "Why do I have this money in my account, I didn't deposit it."

What I want to know is that if the money was taken OUT of his account as well. Ugh, I was so pissed when I found out. How could this stupid ass bank teller just put MY money into other people's accounts!

You may argue, "HE'S HUMAN. LEAVE HIM ALONE." I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! YOU MESS UP YOU PAY. I hope he got fired. I gave him my most personal information to access my account and you still mess up, ugh.

He could have put MY money into HIS OWN account! What a bitch.

Good thing I got EVERY PENNY back. I got the overdraft thing back too. But I've overdrafted a few times since then. I really need to start saving money and all.

But everyone, you have to be careful, you should always bring your account book, as proof of account #'s and all. Don't let this happen to you!

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