Friday, September 25, 2009

Palty hair dye.

Something I forgot to update everyone on! I dyed my hair! Happy happy. However, I' m only partially satisfied with the results.

I used a popular brand among Asian females, I presume? It's called Palty! I like it! My friend has used it twice, she told me it smelled like chemicals. I didn't think it smelled like chemicals at all.

Palty Juicy Peach from Ichiban Kan! US$7.99

One problem that occurred when I opened the box was that the instructions were in FULL Japanese, however it had Chinese characters in them because Japanese use Chinese characters as well. So reading the instructions weren't that much of a bother, but for the people who can't decipher the Japanese language may have a hard time. It wasn't hard to read the picture steps either.

And btw, the dye turns purple when you mix both of the dyes. And supposedly, you're not supposed to keep the bottle for long, or it'll blow up.

It came out to a color that was alright looking to me. I recently dyed my hair (or attempted to at least) to a lighter brown than my natural color. Not much color. So I used Palty. (My first time using Palty.) It turned my hair color a great amount lighter, but I could go for an even lighter brown.

I looked on the SOOMPI forums about Palty hair dye and everyone seemed to agree that it was a good product for Asian hair rather than the American brands.

If I plan on going lighter, I'll see which color product I want to use. There's also a new Japanese hair dye brand, it's called FreshLight. It's got baby dolls on the boxes. I haven't used it, but the colors look vibrant enough.

I don't suggest using ANY type of hair dye if you're a first time user. Every instruction manual suggests you to try a small portion on your skin the night before to see if you have any allergic reactions to the dye, which of course is a good idea. Not a good idea to dye your hair too much and on the roots. I don't have my roots and of course it looks damn ugly, but just trying to keep safe and away from the harmful chemicals in the hair dye. If only organic hair dye would be so effective to change my hair color, permanently.

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