Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainbows and more!

I finally got my chance to wear my rainbow flip flops that cost me $50! There was no way I was wearing flip flops if the weather was shitty. Luckily for me today was a nice day and I wore them out. I totally chipped my french pedicure so it looks damn ugly now. :/

Dee finally got back from New York. Her little birthday present to herself. Had to get her a present! Ran down to Japantown and got her a Keroppi bag charm and earrings that are connected. Totally cute. She loves them, cus she loves me cus I'm so COOL! :)

Can you say AWESOME?

I bought some earrings for myself too. Some Badtz Maru and a pair of those connector earrings. It seems that they've tken Badtz Maru off the market for now. Supposedly its the year of Keroppi according to the Sanrio lady. HAH! Looked around Japantown some more and then went to give Dee the gift.

But yeah, Dee enjoyed it anywho. We talked for a while and then I left. Went to honey's house and stayed for a bit. My uncle called me to go to Stonestown with him to run some errands. We went to BJ's for dinner afterwards. The mashed potatoes were the BOMB! Tasted really good, but of course was due to all that butter from the making.

Spent some quality family time with one another and then shopped around Ichiban Kan. Haha, guess it was to make up for not going when I had the chance at Japantown. Didn't buy anything and once again I totally forgot to buy a mouse pad for my mouse. UGH.

I was looking through my old posts. I need to finish one about a bank.

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