Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cherry Blossom and hot pot

Yay! It was finally the weekend after a long brutal week of school. I saw Benny and Giang after school so we went to go eat at the local burger restaurant. No, not Mickey D's. Gross.

I got to catch up with Benny finally after 2 years. We talked randomly and when we got to the restaurant I got to catch up with Giang. Definitely not a bad time with these two. Giang is too funny, I think he should just drop out of school, and be a comedian (forget the History major, Giang!). I got a vanilla milkshake and a 49er burger. Benny got a sandwich and Giang got a Mexican burger. As soon as I got my burger and tried to put the avocado on the burger, it slid off my plate and onto the floor. So much for an avocado and bacon burger. :( Caught up with the two of them since I haven't sat down with them for about 2 years plus. Benny invited me to this thing that happens every Friday night, good food but expensive. (Not going to name it cus everyone is going to go and make it even more crowded, heh.) After lunch I headed home and tried to do some homework. Benny said he'd come over at 6 or 7pm but it ended up to be around 5:30pm. We headed to the secret place and waited for Keean and Josh. I haven't seen these two in about two years as well, nice to catch up with them.

After we ate some snackage, it was time for the dessert. We all stood in line for the super long line for Creme Brulee. Josh and I got vanilla bean, Benny and Keean got the strawberry and balsamic. Tasted very good, definitely coming back next time. After the snackage, Josh was still hungry so we went to eat at the local late night dessert shop. We got to the dessert shop and waited for Marcella to join us. I ordered a 龟苓膏 (guilinggao). It tasted good, but a little bitter, Idk if it's really supposed to taste like that. Keean and Mars got a mango pudding. Going to try that next time. I think Josh got noodles and I'm not sure what Benny got. After we all caught up a little we headed home.

I woke up early because I had to go bai shan for Qing Ming Festival. We go to the cemetery to burn "paper money" and wish them well and to protect us and so on. After bai shan we went to yum cha. Tried many delicious foods at dim sum, other than the usual that I usually order. After yum cha I went home to get my phone and called Benny so we could head to the Cherry Blossom festival. I looked around for food to eat. The had teriburgers and nachos, lumpia, okonomiyaki, shaved ice and takoyaki. I still don't understand why takoyaki is so appealing to people. Squid balls with stuff on it. What's so good? I don't and will never understand. Benny and I walked around looking for food. I settled for a okonomiyaki and saw my old badminton coach, I wanted shaved ice but... the kids seemed to be too enthusiastic so I left lolllllll. We walked around the trinkets/clothes booths and I got 2 t shirts for $20. I contemplated getting some takoyaki but the line was just too long. After looking around some more and seeing creepy old men dancing and clapping by themselves, we left.

I had a hot pot dinner to get to that night at Jon's house. I got to Jon's house and I met them at the market instead of his house. When we got to Jon's house we just sat there for a while and Justin was supposed to cut Jon's hair. So we waited until Jon was mentally prepared for his hair to be cut. Time for the buzzing! I helped him clean up the back, so pro! Just kidding. Justin should quit school and major in hair dressing. After we were done cutting Jon's hair I swept up the nasty hair. Jon took a shower and people finally started coming over. Jon's grandma helped us prepare all the veggies and meats. Time to hot pot!!! I have a small appetite so I got full pretty fast. Shrimp, noodles, baby bok choy and beef slices with my garlic sauce! YUMMY.

I sat down and played with Jon's iTouch for a while. Everyone started to get full so we all chilled out. Bonnie and Amy washed the dishes why I was playing Sims 3. I sat behind Amy while she washed the dishes and she turned around and said, "I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE BEHIND ME! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING, I COULD HAVE TALKED TO YOU." LOL, I swear I thought she knew I was behind her. This happened a second time as well, when she was doing something in the sink. After a while we took out a cake and the ice cream that Jon and I bought from Ranch 99. Green tea and mango ice cream ftw! After we ate the cake and ice cream everyone chilled and played a bit of mahjong. After mahjong, Amy, Anita, Ann, Bonnie and I just sat and talked. After a while people just started leaving.

Felt a little bored after people left and so Jonathan showed us Starship Troopers, which was pretty cool actually though the beginning is a bit confusing. We didn't finish it but it got late and we were all very sleepy. Can't wait to finish the rest of Starship Troopers.

How come so true?

Idk if this was edible but I kept it. I forget which dish this was from. Yum cha!

Amy rubbing on my leg ;)

Picking at my split ends. :(

What's going on here?!


Time to start hot pot!

Nom nom nom

So gangsta

Oh herro weird guhl wif peace sign.

Gangstas playing mahjong.

More gangstas playing dueces.

Still so gangsta.

Hollering at people on Sims 3.


Amy and I

Playing with Bobo


Sitting on a hot girl's lap.

A shirt I bought at the Cherry Blossom festival! Teehee.



Amylatte said...

LOL why are we so gangsta for? Can not handle.

Hot girl's lap?! So hot that you had to put a pillow between you and I. LOL. More fun in the summer time. We're almost done with this joke called SCHOOL (until August of course... sigh).

Amylatte said...

And I still can't believe you played me not once, but TWICE. Sneaky, you are...