Monday, June 11, 2012

ATV cherry

I bid you farewell. A couple weeks ago for the Memorial Day weekend, my friends and I hauled ass and headed to Pismo Beach. We left Sunday night and got there early Monday morning, the 4 hour drive there wasn't that bad actually. We got there pretty quickly and checked into our hotel room. After checking in we went to McDonald's for a late night snack and brought it to the hotel to eat. After that we went to sleep. We woke up and all went downstairs to get some breakfast. They have pretty good free breakfast lol. Frosted flakes, fruit loops, danishes, oatmeal, fruits and you can make your own waffles. After grabbing breakfast, Alan mentioned a place that served really good clam chowder. To Splash Cafe we go then. It wasn't all that far away and it was pretty hot when we got to the restaurant. We went up to order our food, I got the crab clam chowder, and babe got the salmon tacos. We got an absentminded cashier so when the food came out, I had no crab in my clam chowder and babe got a salmon sandwich instead of a salmon taco. SHEESUS, then it was another $1 for the crab meat. The clam chowder was only good because it had the crab meat in it, otherwise it wasn't all that great.

After our lunch, we went to the ATV rental place to what else?? Rent ATVs obvi! It was really windy and cold when we got to the rental place and fine grains of sand was blowing all over the place. We had to look for parking so we could go in and pay for the rentals and there was a small parking lot but it was full. Stupidly, we tried to go into the parking lot anyways, while there was a large mound of sand in our way. Ultimately, we got stuck and everyone had to push the car out lol. Parked around the long strip of ATV rental places instead. It was so windy and there was so much sand, my corneas are scarred I bet.

Finally we paid for our ATVs and had to pay $5 to drive on the beach to the trailer that had our ATVs waiting for us. Felt kinda cool driving on the beach... but $5 wth? We got to the trailer and parked our car and got suited up for ATV riding! WHEE! We had to listen to one of the guys explain in depth about the dunes and etc. He made it sound like a death trap or that we would get lost, I was pretty terrified. After the excruciating in depth explanation, we were taught how to ride our bikes and rode around the little practice area. After everyone was on track, we headed towards the larger dunes. I kid you not, there was an area called, "Sand Highway". After passing the limit line of "Sand Highway" I felt like I was in Dubai, surrounded by so much sand I could suffocate. I was still a bit terrified but then I started to get ballsy and wanted to ride up and down the blunt cut offs. We rode around for a bit and then everyone started to surround Anita. Didn't see anything happen but she fell off her bike and landed on the back/neck! OMAIGUT! She tried to go up a pretty big dune but fell off. I also fell off but thankfully no one really saw. ^__^ Babe claims he did but I don't think so. I wasn't even going up a really big dune like Anita was and I fell off. I was still clenched onto the bike when I was in the air but I let go luckily. -_- How embarrassing.

Soon enough our 2 hours of ATV riding was up so we left to go back home. Ahh, ATV riding was fun! So glad that I did it. :)

Getting stuck part 1


Ze girls.

Hey, das meee!

Rollin' like a big shot

His Honda tuned up like a Nascar pit stop.

You killen meh, King

Hey! Deres me again

Who's this foo trying to match with me.

Getting stuck part 2

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