Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Week 1 and 2

On May 19, I endured a long and tedious 2 hour process to get my invisalign. First, I was to try on my template trays, then bond my attachments, then wear my trays for 20-22 hours a day then change them every 2 weeks for 8-12 months. I have 10 trays!!!

I tried on the trays and they fit then it was time to bond the attachments. The attachments are there to guide the teeth into the correct position and in total, I needed 11. 5 attachments on top and 6 on the bottom. I actually needed 2 attachments on one tooth! The bonding of the attachments took the longest but after that it was easy peasy. I tried on my first tray and they were pretty tight and had an annoying tingly feeling.

Invisalign is kind of a hassle but I guess it kicked my habit of always wanting to snack. On invisalign, you have to brush and floss after every meal or snack, which is a big hassle, so I'd rather not snack anymore. :)

The indicators are pretty cool. When you get the trays, they're a dark, royal blue. As you wear them more often, they start to fade to indicate that you've been wearing them for the correct amount of time.




One of the attachments




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