Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Tuesday

-- Beautiful... picture from postsecret.blogspot.com

Ohhh, the hassle of saving the image, editing it, saving it again and uploading it to photobucket.com.

Anyways, got a bunch of new clothes again which means laundry time. Heard my phone ring hella loud so I ran upstairs to answer it and I bumped my leg reaching for the phone. -___-' Thanks Olive Juice. LOL JK. Talked to her for a while and then had another call coming in. And then after I was done with Olive Juice, I had to switch calls. Then after that call, maingirl called. Jeez, too "popular my name is my credit card." LOL. Took a shower and had to blow dry my crappy hair and then I fell asleep around 12:30AM.

Well, today was BORING as usual. Woke up at like 9:30AM? Believe me, if I could go back to sleep, I WOULD HAVE. Talked on the phone for a bit? Ate "breakfast". Watched tv for a little and then went to the library. :) Don't hate! Anyways, got Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Went to grandma's pad and chilled. Did nothing for the whole day. So I have like nothing to do. And this is probably the 50th time I logged into blogger.com. Haha, I was editing the quotes and bucket list columns the whole day. No New Years resolutions, just a bucket list, thought of the idea last night.

What a shame.. I've only completed 3 things on that list. LOL. Whatever, I gotta long while ahead of me anyways.

I have the hugest urge to go to sleep right at this moment. O____________o' [Sigh] There's nothing to be sleepy or tired about.

Less than a week and we're back to stupid school. OMG, I almost forgot about finals. Wow, thanks a lot. I hate school... Hmmm, 5-6 more months of senior year and we've made it. I wonder what my second semester schedule is like... Hopefully I can sleep in? Idk. Haha. I think this is it... LATES!

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