Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!


I hope everyone is having fun and not getting drunk. :) Sooo, time to blog!

Woke up around... 9:30AM. ONCE FREAKIN' AGAIN. I guess I should stay up later to wake up later. Whatever, I read Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II. :) Good book, I read the first love story in there, omgosh, so CUTES! But whatever, anyways... so I guess I was supposed to take Mommy to Haight St... BUT WE ENDED BEING ALL LAZY! Grrrr... so Daddy picked up us and we basically DROVE through Haight St. instead of actually walking around and exploring. And Dad said, "WHY YOU WANNA GO TO THE HAYPAY PLACE!?" [He means "HIPPIE" LOL] Not much exploring for me since I've seen most of it. Sooo instead we went to Costco. I wanted some salad, but we ended not getting any. Oh wellllls! That's okay. So we walked around everywhere, so boring.. Parents were all laggy and whatnot. Finally got in line and paid. Some idiot's Costco membership was already over and he tried to get them to hook him up. GET OUTTA LINE A HOLE! Anyways, why is it that I always encounter stupid idiots in Costco's check out line. Gosh.. Well then, we went to Fillmore and got a 5 dollar footlong from Subway for Daddy, since he was hungryyys.

Anyways, so nothing much happened. I changed my name to "leng bing bing". :) 冷 冰 冰.

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