Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays are over..

I'm so lazy and tired and bored!!! Horrible...

December 26th, 2008:
Chill day, went to go pick up sis at the bus stop, people are effing stupid. Went to 100% Sweet Cafe for dessert/dinner. Haha, STRAWBERRY ICE MOUNTAIN! Yummm. Too much green/red beans tho.

December 25th, 2008:
Gahhh, woke up around 10:30 AM ish? Idk, who cares. Haha, made some breakfast for mom and myself. Dad was out somewhere. Mom gave me like 40 bucks or something. Got dressed since we were going out to eat lunch. Lunch was crappy.. a bunch of dim sum, like I didn't eat that every Wednesday my junior year of high school? TIRED TIRED TIRED TIRED. Haha, uhhhhh, went to grandma's place and relaxed for the rest of the day, didn't do anything special. Beloved uncle and new aunt were home. Didn't bring anything over but... DEEP DISH PIZZA. Thanks for taking my diet into consideration. JP!

December 26th, 2008:
Woke up again arond 10:30 AM ish? I really don't recall what time I woke up. Found out some family secrets today. lol, sigh sigh. Other beloved uncle and other aunt and baby cousin was over. Went to Academy of Sciences around the afternoon. No lifes! All the planetorium tickets sold out, plus the 3D bug show. The sting rays bridge was awesome. We missed feeding time for the fishies. :[ Oh well. Babygirl held my hand. :) Of coffee that is... walked to the bus stop and took the 29 and got off at the 28 stop. The 28 wouldn't freaking come. So pissed off, so I freaking walked all the way to church. Good calorie burning. :) Saw my girlfraynd Jennifer! December 27th, 2008:
Erika and Kev invited me to go shoot pool with them. A bunch of arguing. Blah blah blah.

December 28th, 2008:
Slept at like 1:30AM. Woke up at 9:00AM, SOOOO SLEEEPY. :/ But whatever, went to church talked to olive juice babeh. Melvin Claus Christmas present. LOL, anyways... I figured out that science contradicted it's own science. Can you say... EPIC FAIL? Hahahahaha. But whatever, went home ate lunch. And forgot what else I did. Haha. Supposedly going out to dinner with the fam again, but that never happened. Left the house around 3 or 4 to go to Matt's. Met up with Erika in Chinatown. We ended up at Matt's house. Ate some bomb salad. Played charades again. Serious talk with Erika. And finally present opening. :)

Secret Santa: Kev
Present to Kev: THONGS! Haha.

Erika's bf came over to pick us up, dropped us off at Village. Giang, Kev and me walked to the bus stop. Kev went home. Took the bus with Giang. Exchanged gifts with Rem. Wow, are you cereal, someone shoulda seen my effing face when I opened his present. LOL. >> "D: OMGOSH..." 20 minutes later... "D: OMGOSH..." Yeah, basically until I fell asleep. Yep... suprised the FUDDDDRUCKERS outta me. :)

TODAY! Nothing. So bored out of my mind so I'm blogging. :) Okay lates!

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