Friday, December 12, 2008


For ignoring you for so long blog. :[ I know you miss me. Anyways, well. Idk what to talk about. I've been soooo tired this whole week. Haha, I WONDER WHY! Anyways, hmmm. Monday, my uncle brought the dog over since he had to go to Los Angeles for a bit. Walked him for a while. Tuesday, walked the dog again. Haha, hmm CCSF final on THURSDAY! But our paper was due that day so we had to turn it in. Wednesday, nothing much? Early day to get off school, and econ fest. We did pretty horrible.. Made only like 30 bucks each person? Everyone was getting mad at each other since, someone was being anal about the money. Thursday, CCSF CHIP FINAL PRESENTATION. Omg, winged it soooo bad. /)_____(\, then uncle came by to get the dog. No more dog walking lol. Sorry! Fell asleep on the phone. -______-' FRIDAY, I am so bored atm!! TGIF, tho. I'm so boredddd, I wanna go out.

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