Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is it me, or has fashion gone crazy PT. 2

I recently posted, "Ripped leggings... I don't understand why girls want to look like a prostitute." as a Facebook status on my page. Because honestly, this is a mind boggling phenomenon for me.

My friend agreed that fashion is damn out of its mind. And she proceeded to show me this link.

Really now! $1000 sweatpants!? And scroll down further and look at the images of the purses/satchels that are modeled after plastic bags! WTF?!?!?!

I am truly disappointed in you Louis Vuitton... I always thought Louis Vuitton was a sort of classy designer label, but this garbage bag as fashion is anything BUT classy and is clearly NOT fashion.

Are the homeless now going to be ridiculed for their NON designer sweatpants? Or non designer tattered shirt? WTF? $1625 for a tattered t-shirt that looks like you just threw a bunch of moths in a box with the shirt!

So, if all you ladies and gents want to look classy! Wear sweatpants, ripped leggings, stripper heels and garbage bags as purses to the finest restaurants and hotels!

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