Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hello all!

Sorry for the lack of posts. :[ But my summer vacation has just started! And I'm plenty sure that many many many posts will be here. Another reason for this is because Diana has been on my ass about writing another post. But seriously I have nothing to write about.

Well anyways, guess I'll just update you blog thirsty gals!

Tomorrow is Jennifer's graduation ceremony! And I'm mad happy to attend. I was looking at pictures of us from my old photobucket account and I think that her and I need another movie and dinner kind of girl's night out.

I also received my skirt that I ordered online. Erm, I thought that it was going to be longer so I could hike up the hem above my waist but it'd still be long enough to cover my butt. I think the back of the skirt needs to be a little longer too because it's made out of one of those weird materials that make it jut out and make you feel like everyone you pass by can see your panties.

Update on my hair, lol! My hair is now under my boobs, which is pretty long. I wish it were longer already tho. I give it until Christmas time again to be about the length of my waist. Also need to re-dye my hair. I'm going to use Palty again but what color?! My hair is already dyed to that "Juicy Peach" color and I haven't been touching up the roots. And I don't want my hair and my roots to be two different colors!

I also had a recent fascination with Katherine Heigl! Mad pretty. :)

Must tell everyone that finals week was mad crazy! UGH. I swear my mind was going to explode. Hopefully I passed everything. Not very sure. Also, there is no summer school so I'm screwed! So I guess it'll be time to just relax.

P.S. Also need to make a new header for my blog. I also need a new layout. This one is mad boring!

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brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

I dont' like katherine heigl lol. She's pretty no doubt! But I don't really like her movies because she always acts the same in it? Like the fatty from superbad. It got boring... >< My friend forced me to watch 27 dresses with her. Truly a horse tranquilizer that was.

Good to hear that life is fine. You did great on the exam. I know it.