Thursday, June 17, 2010

One year.

Has been one year since my s.o and I have been together. And I'm sharing this wonderful day with you all!

I have been totally busy lately! Work, work and more work! And sadly no time for blogging. I actually could not spend Monday which was our actual anniversary together so I bumped up the day a little earlier.

We went to the movie theater on Saturday noon and watched A-Team and Prince of Persia.

A-Team was actually a really good movie because I'm actually not a fan of military shows or movies. Heartthrob Bradley Cooper was in it, YUM!

Prince of Persia was alright. For a Disney Channel movie there was some sexual connotation... O_O'. And I'd rather have them cast someone other than Jake Gyllenhal. He just looks... too American. Know what I mean? Everyone else looked the part. Bald, evil Uncle with crazy guyliner.

We ended up at Benihana shortly after the movies but there were no seats. UGH, and we were not about to sit at the stupid lounge tables. You go there for the excitement of watching the cooks cook your food in front of you.

We ended up at Shabu instead. I would have opted for something a little classier since it was our one year but whatevs. We got some all you can eat and it was crazy good. I ate a little too much garlic and my dad said I smelled like it the day after, lol.

Went to the beach just to chill. It was actually pretty cold that night although it was extremely hot during the day.

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congratulations mabel =D You thought prince of persia was alright! I knew people who walked out of the movie lol.

Sounds like a simple but sweet celebration regardless~ :) I envy you. I really do. I also worked 12 hours (7am-7pm) so my entire body is broken right now... I wish I could type more T_T Take care eh?


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