Monday, August 16, 2010


Did my sister's nails yesterday! :)

Kind of messy, I didn't clean it up.


Yummy polka dots! Looks like yoshi eggs huh? HAHA

Picture courtesy of deviantart.

1 comment: said...

In grade 7 I had to let a lady friend do my nails. It was horrific ugh she used pure white. YO I saw your cupcake picture!!! I was drooling so bad T_T You always post such good olive garden style food (my fav). I miss olive garden so much after they closed down and left Canada sigh. Anyway well done – good set of pix!

Replying to your August 1st post I read already:

You have so many friends T_T I wish I had fun outings like that with so many people. But I had no control over fate lol and high school turned out quite unexpected let’s say. Your outfit was very pretty.

Replying to you:
Mcdonalds food is not poisonous don’t worry :O Just really unhealthy. You’ll have to wait and see what I bought at the sweets place (it’s part 2 of my post). Soon mabel soon I will reveal it. What does red velvet cupcake taste like?