Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pet Peeve #56

Ugly Eyebrows...

I'll tell you straight up. I don't like ugly eyebrows.

Over plucked, too close together, too dark, too arched, too curvy, etc. « these are all subject to my criticism.

Okay, realistically, if they don't look like this... it is subject to my criticism.

If you don't know how to pluck eyebrows, don't do it. There are professionals. You pay them like $8 and they'll wax you the most beautiful eyebrows ever.

The thing I don't understand is... why women like to pluck them so thin (almost non-existent) and then! they fill them in mad dark.... What is up with that?

Examples of over plucked/non-existent eyebrows:

Notice where the eyebrow starts... almost inside her tear duct.

No arch.

Looks too close together.

Didn't know they wanted to be in the Chinese opera...

Even then, they look better than the ones above.

All of this can be avoided if you know where to pluck. Follow this example.

Your eyebrow should start where your eye starts. Use a straight edge to see where it should start.
The arch should be a little bit after the middle of your eyebrow.
And the eyebrow should end a little farther than where your eye ends.

Please women, you have the knowledge and the resources to make your eyebrows look the best! Utilize the resources!

Picture credits to Google Images.

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