Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am living the Teenage Dream and 火锅!

I am totally living the Teenage Dream as sung by the beautiful Katy Perry! The lyrics of the song describe what my s.o. and I do and go through. Another song could not have described it as perfectly. Honey has a song that he likes too I believe it's Bruno Mars - The Way You Are. Fabulous voice and the lyrics are beautiful as well. He even tried to sing it to me a couple of times. But enough about that.

Yesterday was Friday and of course gotta do something fun!!!

I got all dressed up (kind of)... I did my hair and everything and brought my skirt along (not about to wear a skirt to school plus it was cold).

I was supposed to eat dinner with Amy but she flaked on me >.> I even permanently marked on my calendar we were going to eat dinner.

I had dinner with my honey instead. He said that he was in the mood for hot pot so we were going to go out to eat hot pot.

Then he tells me we're going to go hot pot shopping and buy all the stuff instead.

We came home to an empty house so what do we do? Light up some candles, put on some sultry music and..... set the table to eat hot pot!!! YUMMMS. (For the perverts, haha you lose!)

We went to the local Korean market in hopes to purchase all our goodies and needs there. No luck, all we bought was the sliced beef. Honey texted some of his friends to see where they got the fish balls with the fillings inside. So we had to head out to 99 Ranch. I swear we went around the whole market 10+ times and no luck at all.

We ended up at 99 Ranch supermarket and everything was there! It was like.. the Chinese Costco! We bought the fish balls, vermicelli, fried tofu, garlic, etc. We looked everywhere for the soup base, which wasn't very delicious either. -_-

I think we paid about $35+ for all the food we bought and of course the leftovers. We bought 3 trays of sliced beef from the Korean supermarket and could barely finish the first tray.

We went home and boiled some water and minced the garlic. Took a nap and then started our dinner for the night.

The soup base tasted disgusting, it was in a package so what can we expect? Bleh, I had a fun time regardless, we ate a hefty amount of food and watched Bruce Almighty while we were at it. Fun and delicious time! Honey even sang me a Teresa Tang song. :P The night was totally fabulous. No parents or grandparents or siblings around to disrupt us. I went home shortly after I had my camera whore moments.

Random stuff that has been accumulating in my mind:
I need to go shopping!!! I haven't shopped in sooo long! I have decided to give my Rainbow sandals to my sister because they are mad small for me. I got size S when I should have purchased size M.
I need to buy lots of stuff. Planning to do so when I go to China.

The weather has been awfully beautiful and hot, just the way I like it! Too bad that it's gone. I hate unpredictable weather...

Okay! Time to enjoy pictures! ♥



Does I lookz gyaru yet? lol

Someone remind me to put a watermark on my pics for copyright purposes.... lol

2 comments: said...

thanks for posting this when I haven't had dinner yet. Really good timing! I'm sure hot potting by yourself is cheaper than going to a place (probably like $14 canadian per person) but I'm just too lazy to set up the hot pot and then buy a hundred things, unwrap them, cook them, clean up, etc. It doesn't cost me that much more to go to a place with friends. My fault for being lazy - totally dig your at home hot pot pix~

-girl in final 2 pictures are pretty.
-our korean supermarkets (H Mart, etc.) are really really expensive. Chinese supermarkets cheaper here as well! ><

Hope life is good for you. Don't stress too much about school.

Amy said...

You gotta get that crazy circle lense shitz and intense ass eyelashez and you'll look gyaru fosho.

LOL, I had hotpot on Friday, too! I hella forgot that I RSVP'ed to it like two months ago. I'm lame, I know :). We'll make up for it baby <3. It'll be hotter than you hot pot with Andy.