Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Mina and Jasmine

Happy birthday Mina and Jasmine!

So last night was our first get together since... Jon's BBQ. We went to watch Despicable Me and ZOMGBBQWTF, it was mad cute!

Agnes ftw bitches!!! Oh my she was so cute. The whole movie was so cute, I wanted to cry. Damn you Disney Pixar always know how to make tear jerking movies and such.

If you guys haven't watched I suggest you go watch it. :) They only had it in 3D, which was odd, because I thought there was one in regular. Yet another pair of 3D glasses to add to my large collection of 3D glasses already, lol.

We ended the movie and sat outside for a bit. We left shortly thereafter and I had to stop by Walgreens to get some eyelash glue, lol. Next we went into the restaurant so we could have dinner and catch up with everyone.

Everyone ordered within 15-20 minutes, and I was the first to order (you'll see why this piece of information will be useful to continue my story). All of us sat for more than 20 minutes and our food was yet to come... tick tock tick tock, the waiter continues to refill our water glasses but there is no food to seen. He must have refilled our glasses at least... 5 times that night before our food came out. We had a party of 10 and the people that were last to order got their food first... Uhm, okay? Fuck logic... I asked the waiter if our food was coming out anytime soon. When I checked the clock, it was already 9:30PM, I remember we ordered around.. 7:40PM ish? Dish after dish came out of the kitchen that was not ours. Tables that came in later than us got their food and appetizers first. Can you say ridiculous?... I felt like our table was invisible to the servers there.

Humorously, my food came last. Lillian, Amy and I waited 2 damn hours for our food that we finished in less than 5-10 minutes. (1) your food was not even "DA BOMB" (2) we waited for 2 effing hours (3) I'm never going back there again (4) when does it take 2 hours to cook my little rolls of steak MEDIUM. Fuck logic again, who needs that shit?! I have no idea how you guys run businesses...

He gave us the check and had the audacity to tell us that he didn't add a cake fee..... Srsly? (1) we did not buy a cake from you (2) you didn't help us cut it (3) we didn't use any room in YOUR fridge to store it.

Damn straight you shouldn't put a cake fee on us! Look at the aforementioned list.. PLUS! WTF, our food came 2 hours late. Go play in traffic!

Other than not getting my food for 2 hours, I had a fabulous time with my ladies and gents. I got to catch up and talk. Which is always fun. :)

Jenny, Linda, and Jonathan baked Jasmine and Mina a cake as well, super delicious. What do you think of the name "Cake Tree" as a cake shop for them? Hah, just kidding.

Cool lights, no?

Our miso soup. Too spicy.

Still no food, why?!

All three looking at their phones.

Still waiting...

Tick tock..

The appetizers start rolling in...

Raw oysters. Drool

The meal I waited 2 hours for...

Happy birthday!

This is what we nommed on for so long. Whole bag empty. :[

Group pic!

Funny pic! B)

Birthday girl.

Birthday girl.

Thanks everyone for the fabulous time! :)

P.S. Notice the shoes? LOL :)

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