Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time to blog!

Hi all! I've been so busy lately with work and what not. I need a break and today is that day!

It's my baby cousin's birthday and my grandpa forced me to take a day off. Thank goodness I don't work today. It's been so busy lately and I just cannot stand the stupidity of the clientele. I'm usually indefatigable but lately it just has not been my day(s). I'm in a funk. BLEH.

I've been bombarded with things to do and I just haven't had the time and the brain power to do so. Hugo wanted me to get him some earrings from online and I hadn't had time to order them until now. I also ordered myself a new belly ring. ^__^ You guys will see once I receive them in the mail. I also bought ordered some flip flops from Reef. They feel extremely spongy and receptive to molding to the shape of your foot plus there's arch support. I love my Rainbows but damn these Reefs are mofo'ing fabulous. Also going to purchase a ring online when my next paycheck comes. It looks mad cute. You all will also be able to see it if and when I order it, hehe.

My cousin came back from South Korea a few days ago and even bought me a box of face masks!!! Very noice. I haven't tried them yet but I hope they work. He even got me a couple of cell phone charms. I figured I might give one to my honeybee.

I went out to buy a gift for that little brat and my sister decided on a Betta fish. You know, those fighting fish. Heh, they were only $1.99! I also bought a little fish tank for it. Cost me $13.99. You can also mount it up on the wall! As shown on the box. So freaking cool. I think I might want one for myself. The guy at the aquarium even gave us a free little bag of the worms that it eats. Betta fish are carnivorous fish so we're supposed to switch the foods between worms and flakes every once in a while.

Also bought a cake for my daddy! It's almost his birthday I guess. O__o' lol.

My mom also went shopping yesterday and she bought a Coach bag. -__-' I remember telling her that I absolutely despise Coach. I'm hoping that she'll return it, lol.

Face Masks. :)

The fishy!

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