Thursday, January 07, 2010

Random updates

Yesterday, I went shopping with my lovely dearest olivejuice. :) I finally gave her her gift after five million eons, and I seriously hopes she likes it. :)

I've been spending money like crazy, so I asked baby if he thinks I'll ever fall into credit card debt. Unfortunately, his answer was yes, so I'm going to prove you guys wrong! MWAHAHA. I think I'll just have to lock up my credit card for a little bit and bring it back out when I'm ready. Which also reminds me that I should pay off my credit card bill sometime tomorrow.

So after our little adventure in Forever21, we went to Marshalls and tried on shoes. Can you believe they sell Payless Shoesource shoes there too!? And even more than Payless sells them for! I found the same white canvas peeptoe slingback wedge at Payless for about $7 and Marshalls had them for $25! Must be kidding me, lah!

Then, I found the UGLIEST SHOES on the planet. *googling ugliest shoes on the planet* Okay nevermind, I might have found some uglier ones. But besides the point, they were damn ugly. Honest, they must have been from the damn '70s. Metallic pink strappy with a STUMP for a heel. No wonder they were freaking $7... Jennifer said we look like some knock off Barbie dolls. (INSERT ROFL HERE) Oh man, I always have good times with her. :) 'Tis truly hard to find good friends nowadays that are nice and sweet and actually care for your well being.

We left soon after our time was up at Marshalls, I had to rush to work and she had to rush home to get her stuff for work.

I went back to Japantown today to buy some false lashes and then I went to the local variety shop for some more lashes, bought like 10 pairs today? I threw all my old ones away because they were getting nasty and dirty. There was glue and mascara all over it, can see I don't take care of it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean false lashes? *Soomping*

Today is the 7th of January, and my behind-the-wheel test is slowly creeping up on me... I barely had any practice but I will get on that soon! Hopefully I pass.




Okay, next blog post. Angry rant on slipper heels. Stay tuned!

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