Monday, March 07, 2011

It's my birthday. BITCH.

So, it's that time of the year again. My birthday... As always, I'm complaining because I'm not 21 yet and etc, etc. But each and every person that is over the age of 21 will tell me, "once you hit 21, time goes by quickly, enjoy your youth, just yesterday I was 19, what the hell happened..." and just really cliche things like that. And fuck yeah! I want to be fucking 21 already. I want to purchase and consume alcohol and go to Vegas again and live like there's no tomorrow! And that fateful day will be... next year. So for now... I'll be enjoying my youth. I barely even want to write this post with the words, "my birthday" in it. I don't deem it to be such a great, large occasion, which is why I'm not celebrating it with friends this year. I just want a quiet dinner with my beloved. And a quiet, fun dinner with my beloved is just what I got.....

Honey isn't the type that's good at keeping a secret... So he told me days before that we were going to be dining at House of Prime Rib. Initial reaction was, "Steak again??? Ugh, we just had Ruth's Chris Steakhouse." I'm not complaining or anything but I wanted to see some outlandish presentation of the food, and I doubt any steak could beat what I had at Ruth's Chris.

Any who, it was Saturday. I woke up at nearly 12pm. My mom came in my room and said, get up I wanna go eat lunch. So I got up and eat lunch is what we did. I had NO IDEA what she wanted to eat, Asian parents are just picky and annoying like that. But I said, "Bill's Place". She didn't oppose the idea, so that's where we went. We both got just the regular hamburger and boy was the place packed! It was around 1:30pm already and people were still piling in and waiting for seats. Mom and I quickly ate and left. I got full (after I realized I'm going to eat prime rib that night) and couldn't finish the rest of my burger so we took it home.

After leaving the restaurant, I waited a couple of hours before I started glaming up. Honey picked me up at around quarter to 6 and we got a going. Not too soon after, we found parking and stayed in the car for a while until it was time to go in. The dinner reservation was for 7pm and we ended up there an hour early. When it was time, we walked in and were not immediately greeted. We walked up to the inconspicuous counter and the man asked us if we had a reservation. Honey answered yes and told us it would be a short time before we were going to be seated and were welcome to have a seat at the bar or lounge. The lounge and bar was amazing. We were about to order drinks but got seated before we could decide. I took a look at the drinks menu and didn't find any mock-tails so that was disappointing.

We were seated rather quickly so no complaints there. We got a rather long table as well. Honey told me he asked for a table that we could both sit on the same side at. He doesn't like to sit across from me. (No idea why) We were served water and a clear jar of water was placed on our table. We looked at the menu (not like there was much to look at, everything was very to the point). I wanted the city cut, while honey got the house of prime rib cut. City cut was generally for those with a smaller appetite, which is what I have. I'm never able to finish large portions on my plate, probably because I'm too overwhelmed by the portions to finish. Honey likes his meat so he got the house of prime rib cut. Our server was very nice and accommodating, so no complaints there either. We even got a show out of her, since she spices up our salads. A big bowl of lettuce, beets and whatever else is placed on her portable tray, she spins the bowl while throwing in pepper, salt and the vinaigrette. Served to us on a chilled plate and we even got a CHILLED FORK. Style points for that one, guys.

I nommed on my salad, which was really good. But I got full less than half way through the salad. I retreated into the, "I am full" pose and pushed my salad plate away. Our server came back and soon the real meal had arrived. The ambiance of the restaurant is really great. The cooks are hovered over their tin carts, slicing the meat to perfection. I got cream of corn and mashed potates and honey got the cream of spinach and mashed potatoes. So delicious!

I cut my meat into bite-sized pieces and bit into it. Sadly... I didn't like it much. The meat was kind of lukewarm and just not what I look for in steaks. Seriously, nothing beat what I had at Ruth's Chris. House of Prime is more of the natural tasting meat, not the cooked with flavor kind I'm assuming. I had a good time regardless of my lukewarm meat and I'd definitely go back to see if the meat is lukewarm again. Honey thought it was amazing, so yeah, I'd probably have to go with him. We got the dessert menu and I picked the Warm Apple Crisp. It was more like a piping hot apple crisp because I burnt my tongue at least like 5 times because it was so damn good. Had vanilla bean ice cream on top too! WHOOT. Our server lit a candle and stuck it to my dessert and sang, "Happy Birthday" to me. After singing "Happy Birthday", she helped us take a picture. She looked at it and said it was pretty then left. I asked honey what she was going to do with the picture... O__o. He said, "Idk, going to jack off to it." What. The. Fuck???? Okay... After we got the check, she said that they were changing the ink on the printer so don't leave until we get our picture. OH, SO THAT'S WHAT THEY DO WITH THE PICTURE!!!!!111 I felt kind of relieved. We got the picture with a House of Prime Rib paper frame. So coool! ♥

After dinner we went to Teaway, and I got my first Teaway! Man was it good... Only cost me like $1.99+tax! So like $2.18! What so cheap!?!?!?!?!111111 So basically what you do there is you pay for what drink and whatevs you want. They give you an EMPTY cup and you fill up your cup to how ever much toppings you want. Got colored jello, tapioca balls (big and small) etc, etc. Then after you fill up the toppings then you put it on the counter and the staff there fill up your cup with the liquid of choice. It didn't taste bad for $1.99 and 3/4 big tapioca balls! Definitely coming back here for drinks!

After I went to Teaway, honey and I hadn't been up to Twin Peaks in a really long time, more than like... a year or so. So we decided to go up to Twin Peaks, and by this time it was already kind of raining... BOOOO. We finally got up to Twin Peaks and got out to look at the beautiful scenery.


Salad w/ a chilled fork!

Chef is serving our meal

My city cut


Honey's House of Prime Rib cut

Looks pretty delish.

Aftermath. Darker pic looks better. HRM

Messy us.

Desserts! YUMMY

I can has my cake and eat it tu.

My delicious Teaway

At Twin Pizzeaks.

I used the Starry Sky setting on my camera... But I needed a tripod for this picture and didn't have one on hand. BOOO

Camwhore for you!

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Amylatte said...

I want me some Teaway right nowwwwwww. Yeah, their prime rib is like.. not marinated or anything. But that's just how it is :(. I like the salad though :).

And girl you shoulda stole that daisy for me. It's so pretty :').

Andy's smile is awkward.