Friday, October 30, 2009

A Modest Proposal: Packaging On ALL Cosmetic Products

I walked into Walgreens, in high hopes of purchasing a pretty lip gloss. Covergirl Fruit Spritzers seemed like a good idea, not a tacky cheap drugstore brand plus it's nice and isn't sticky.

Bought it and left. I thought nothing of it until I popped open the cap.

WTFH?! Looked like a MESS. Messy and all over place like someone used it and didn't even BOTHER to wipe the excess off of it.

Absolutely HORRIFIED! Someone used the lipgloss that I just BOUGHT! Ugh, damn disgusting... YOU OPEN YOU BUY, LAH!

I really wouldn't mind open packages of leggings or other things that we wear, but cosmetics are cosmetics, we put these products on our faces.

And with the flu season right around the corner and the H1N1 scare, I think it'd be proper if we could be a little bit more SANITARY?!

I mean just to even wrap the lipglosses or the mascaras in tape would suffice. If that's too much for the drugstores to do, why can't they put out testers for each product, absolutely EFFORTLESS, imo! Now people know which one is a tester and they won't have to reach for the actual product people are going to buy and use it or do who knows what?!

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