Friday, October 30, 2009


When I started this blog, it was under the name "queenxmabel", very narcissistic, I know, but who cares, not the point.

I put a "quotes" section on the sidebar of my blog, I thought it was cute. :) After I went on hiatus I didn't like it, thus I removed it.

Prior to removing the quotes section I guess someone on Soompi found my blog and read it. He sent this message.

"Sorry bout being random but I couldn't help but compliment your blog's compilation of quotes. Awesome work! It got me thinking especially during some personal struggles at the moment. Keep up the awesome work and stay beautiful! You've brightened up someone's day even if it was only for a moment..."

I had totally forgot about it until I went on Soompi just a while back. I guess it was nice to know I did something to help someone move about their day.

I have the new quotes section and I obviously don't have as much material as I did before. Too bad I didn't save the text. :/ But, if anyone wants to help me add to it, it'd be much appreciated.

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