Saturday, October 10, 2009

Surrogates plus more.

Last night, I went to go watch the movie "Surrogates." And I think I'm safe to say...


First of all, there was no premise to the movie, it was confusing, no action, no exciting parts. The rest of you dumbasses that don't agree with me probably say, "its not about the action! It's about the philosophical areas of the movie." Don't even start me with douche bag! It was absolutely ridiculous. AND THERE WAS NO PHILOSOPHICAL ANYTHING IN THERE!

The whole "point" was that the man who created surrogates, doesn't like them anymore so he kills them.


Felt like an episode of CSI that had gone wrong, and wasn't thought out all the way through.

Fucking ridiculous if you ask me. There would be so much more to watch if I watched paint dry for 2 hours and it's free!

It looked like the perfect movie for Bruce Willis to be in, though.

Enough about the ridiculous movie, Surrogates..

So I think I'm coming down with a cold. My body is cold, my nose is runny, my back hurts, my throat hurts. This all started yesterday! GRR, I got my english midterm back and got a B-! I'm so happy, I thought I failed... Anywho, so then we watched a documentary on WalMart and my nose started running.

Ugh! I can't be getting sick again! I already got sick during the summer! Ergh.. I'm just gunna have to drink 100 gallons of water to get better.

So, lets talk about my day again!

Woke up around 6AM yesterday morning and went to school, boring as usual! I got my Psych quiz back and I got a C! WHOOHOO, considering I failed the other test, I did exceptionally well! Moving on... Classes were over and no more class until WEDNESDAY! Then me and honey went to get his oil changed and we went to go eat at Outback Steakhouse.

I had a bacon cheeseburger, which is totally yum! And he had a prime rib. The Honda guys had a shuttle to come pick us up. This guy was pretty nice and he talked to us. Heh.

Went to home to decide what movie we wanted to watch... VERY UNFORTUNATELY, we picked Surrogates. I really ACTUALLY wanted to watch Paranormal Activity, heard it was REALLY SCARY and you couldn't go to sleep after you watched it or something. I haven't seen the trailer yet, but I'm going to get right on that. (Honey's scared of scary movies, what a pussy. -___-' So I can't watch with him.)

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