Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Annoying ex friends.

So I woke up at around 9:50AM, TOO EARLY! My parents were being loud and I couldn't fall asleep. UGHS. I ended up taking a shower and then I went to Sake Zone with mom and dad to eat lunch. It was pretty good! Cheap too! ♥ Came home and made this new header, and then babe came and took us to Korean BBQ. Wasn't very hungry so I didn't eat much...


I'm soompi-ing right now and this girl posted a topic about being annoyed by a friend. I was going to respond, but it was kind of off topic, so I forgot about it and decided to blog about it.

Maybe it's me but I just happen to choose damn shitty friends. No, I'm serious. Every time I'm able to get somewhat of a best friend, they are so not compatible with me. It's kind of like a relationship with a significant other.

I USED to have a friend we shall name this friend Bridget...

Whenever Bridget and I used to hang out, whether it was going to the bookstore or going to the library, she ALWAYS had to bring up the topic of her parents.

Honestly, I could care less about her parents. But she would ALWAYS RANT ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT HER PARENTS.

"Omg, my mom is yelling at me." "I hate my mom." "I hate my dad." "My mom is such a bitch." "My dad won't let me touch his stuff!"

There was plenty of other stuff, I'm sure, I just don't remember. But it was always, the same bad-mouthing sentences.

Me, being the awesome friend that I am, tried to put things into perspective for her. I told her, "some people don't even have parents, or a home or a comfy bed, so you should be grateful."

She retaliated with, "Just because other people have problems too doesn't mean I'm going to dismiss my own family problems."

WOW, BITCH MUCH?! People in third world countries are fucking starving and I know for a fact that she is most definitely getting by.

Way self centered. THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOU, SKANK! Ugh. Just remembering all these things are pissing me off.

I remember when I asked to borrow her Twilight book. And she told me, "I don't let people borrow my books." WTF?! WHY NOT?! I'M NOT GOING TO EAT YOUR FUCKING PAGES OKAY?!

Fucking skank. I asked to borrow her photoshop CD too, but she said it was her Dad's and he doesn't let her touch his stuff or he'll yell at her.

I think it was all an excuse! Jerk... Way stuck up for an ugly fat bitch...

There was also a time when I asked her if Ross sold any classic black and white chuck taylors. According to her she doesn't SHOP at Ross.

I mean wtf, if you shop at Ross, THEN YOU FUCKING SHOP AT ROSS! What is the point in trying to lie to your friend?!

I will proudly broadcast that I shop at ROSS! So the fuck what?!

The clothes are cheap and are basically the same thing for far less than what you pay for at department stores. So, the joke is on you. :)

Where do you even get off on judging people that shop at Ross? You spend your time in the clearance section of Hollister Co.! The clothes look horrific on you btw, no such thing as Hollister Co Plus Size, baby.

I will not sit here and act like I'm something I'm not! No fucking point! Who the hell am I trying to impress?!

All I have to say is... COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS BITCH! Do not sit there and act like something your not.

P.s. Not going to class tomorrow morning. Instead, will go eat breakfast with honey. :) Good thing the semester is almost over, I'm sick of waking up at 6AM for class. Will sign up for 9 or 10AM classes next semester.


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

hey buddy, from soompi. I find it really funny when girls swear in their posts lol.. im gonna follow this blog (there is no follow button though so i bookmark). Do you still talk to bridget? I've had friends like that. You just week out the bad ones, that's all you can do. Of all the people I've met in my life only 5 are completely trustworthy and never say insulting things. Most people are terrible :S

Anyway keep it up. Drop by sometime if you're bored. I'm chinese-canadian heh. My favourite car is M5 too, because I can carry my kids and blast off other douches in their sports cars =D Take it easy now.

thelovejoker said...

Hello! No, I don't talk to "Bridget" anymore. She's way too fake and way too greedy for my likes.

You have an M5!? Dying of jealousy... And burning out others is always fun. Hehe.