Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dr. Scholl's for her

Have you ever had the cutest shoes to pair with your cutest outfit? No need to break the shoes in because they're fine? Until... they start rubbing against your heel or if they're strappy they start rubbing wherever the straps are. I HAVE! And I'm sick of it.

Yesterday I wore these cute brown heels that I've worn a BUNCH of times and they never hurt the back of my heel. But for some strange reason it started rubbing against my heel. Within a few minutes I had a open wound. Fortunately, I had some paper to keep the rubbing from continuing, but that could only help me for so long.

I went to Walgreens, and bought some anti-rubbing tape for the shoes. Lo and behold! Didn't hurt anymore! Success! I absolutely HATE when my cute shoes rub thus giving me feet that hurt. Maybe I should try all sorts of those socks.

Tape dispenser. 5 feet of tape.


Perforated for easy length sizing.

Anti-heel rubbing!

Put the tape on my super strappy sandals cus they rub the most!

LOL, tell me these aren't the cutest shoes ever!

I might have used up most of the tape already, I put the tape on most of my shoes already.

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you know, sometimes reading girl blogs really do help. i'm going to write down this name and go try to find it at wal mart (we don't have a walgreens). I have a pair of hush puppy dress shoes which cost me a bit, and they look great, and there's nothing wrong with them. but the rims are so stiff, I had to walk downtown for the entire evening and when I came back I had cuts on both ankles and my heel.. on BOTH legs. YUCK! There was a bit of blood stuck on the sock from rubbing.

thank you. said...

eh might as well reply to the other post here :) We have veteran's day in canada too! (we kicked nazi ass together). But we call it remembrance day. and on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh hour we always stood in the gym for a moment of silence, while a war veteran would play the song on his trumpet.

We used to have olive garden in Canada, many many years ago. As a kid that was my favourite restaurant, but then they restructured and left our country :( your pictures made me very sad lol... next time I visit the u.s. I will try to stop by.