Friday, November 06, 2009

Divorce and Gay Marriage

I am a true believer when it comes to marriage. I believe that anyone that loves someone should be able to get married if that is what their heart is set on.

So why is it that when a homosexual couple wants to get married they cannot because they are forbidden by law.

The divorce rate in America...

Age at marriage for those who divorce in America
Under 20 years old27.6%11.7%
20 to 24 years old36.6%38.8%
25 to 29 years old16.4%22.3%
30 to 34 years old8.5%11.6%
35 to 39 years old5.1%6.5%

If homosexuals want to get married and they are fighting SO hard for same-sex marriage, how could we deny them that? Especially when people are marrying at various ages and getting divorced umpteen years later.

Why is it that heterosexuals get to have a say in how homosexuals should live because it's not "NORMAL"? But what is normal? Homosexuals don't get a say in how we live. Maybe homosexuals should ban heterosexuals from marrying if we're just going to get divorced later.

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